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Rain Policy & Information

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Xtreme Fun Rentals, Inc. Official Rain Policy: The last line on your contract states "Lessee agrees not to hold Lessor responsible for any unfavorable weather conditions, i.e. high winds exceeding 25 mph, rain, or any other unexpected conditions that may arise."

We have developed the following rain policy to help you make a good decision regarding the inflatable at your party. Rain is a daily part of life in Hawaii and very unpredictable. When our delivery truck arrives at your party site and should you decide to cancel the usage of the inflatable unit due to rain or excessive high winds before we set up the inflatable unit, we will not charge you for the entire rental but will keep the non-refundable deposit. Once we set up the unit, we will collect the balance of your rental and no refund or credit will be given due to rain. Upon acceptance of the unit you become the lessee and are obligated to take care of the inflatable unit. The inflatable cannot be operated or used in rain or high winds (any time the top of the unit is bending due to high winds). Rain is a hazard due to slippage and electrical shock near the blower. High winds is a potential hazard due to the unit flipping over with the children in it. If it starts to rain or if high winds pick up, quickly but calmly have all children exit the inflatable and perform the following steps:

1. Have children exit inflatable. Make sue they do not rush out and fall off the step.

2. Unplug or turn off blower (motor). Cover it with a tarp, garbage bag, or move it to a dry area.

3. Let the unit deflate by itself.

Do not operate inflatable unit in rain. Do not operate blower with bag or other covering placed over it.

Failure to adhere to rules may cause severe damage to electrical blower. Repairs to damages caused by the lessee will be your responsibility. Replacement cost for the blower is $400 with shipping.

When it is no longer raining, you may uncover the electrical blower and re-plug the cord or turn blower on. The inflatable unit takes less than 5 minutes to inflate. Do not allow children into unit before it is fully inflated and all water is wiped from the unit to prevent slippage.

Emergency Phone Number: 621-3001 or 864-2627