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Nine Hole Mini Golf Putt

Challenge your friends to a round of golf with the new Xtreme Fun Nine Hole Mini golf putt!    Each hole has a different challenge.   Easy fast set up at your location.   A putter and two balls come with each hole.   The hole surface is a smooth material and provides a great putt.

Hole 1

Mini Golf 1
Hole 1!

Test your putting skills with our Mini Golf game. Putt the ball through the tunnel and look out for the windmill!


Hole 2

Mini Golf 2
Hole 2!

Can you make it up the narrow hilland into the hole?
(Note: this track is even longer than the first!)


Hole 3

Mini Golf 3
Hole 3!

Get ready to putt the ball up a hill, into a hole, and out the side!


Hole 4

Mini Golf 4
Hole 4!
Challenge yourself to a hole-in-one and putt the ball around the water, into the hole.


Hole 5

Mini Golf 5
Hole 5!
This mini golf challenge involves putting the ball around an obstacle and into the hole directly behind it.

23”x 95”

Hole 6

Mini Golf 6
Hole 6!
Put a bit of strength behind your putt to get over the ramp, over the pond, and into one of the three holes!


Hole 7

Mini Golf 7
Hole 7!
Can you putt the ball over the hills and into the hole without getting stuck in a sand pit?


Hole 8

Mini Golf 8
Hole 8!
This game will test your aim as you try to bank off the walls and into the hole.


Hole 9

Mini Golf 9
Hole 9!
This hole is a right-angled challenge that requires two-part assembly. Putt the ball towards the corner, bounce it off the riverbank, and make it into the hole at the end!