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Carnival Games

The best new carnival games around!   

Professional games for back yard parties to the corporate event.   These games are fun for the keiki and for adults!   There is a kid in everyone so they love to play the Xtreme Fun carnival games.   Fun games from King of the Hill, Roller Bowler, Stike Zone, Snake Pit, Ring toss, Leaping Lizard, Richochet, shooting star, gear up, Street Skee, Whip n Skip, Flap Attack, Monster Blast, Monkey Mayhem and Tic Tac Toe.     Each table top games comes with a table.

Exciting beautiful carnival games that will make your event or party an Xtreme hit!

Snake PitSnake Pit
Snake Pit is perfect for older kids because it is one of our more challenging games. The object: Land the ball in one of the target holes without falling into the snake pit below. With your three tries, how many points can you score? Includes 3 blue balls.

King of the HillKing of the Hill
Become the king of the hill in this game of skill and determination! Roll three balls up the hill to land in one of the five holes. But take note – it’s not as easy as it looks! Comes with 3 yellow balls.
Ring TossRing Toss
Kids of all ages will enjoy our classic Ring Toss game. The goal is simple: Toss the rings to land around as many bottles as you can. Comes with 24 rings.

Roller BowlerRoller Bowler
Roller Bowler is a seemingly simple game of rolling a ball up a hill. But don’t be fooled! You must push the ball hard enough to pass the first hill, but softly enough so that it doesn’t roll all the way back! Roller Ball comes with 2 balls.

Leaping LizardLeaping Lizard
The goal of the game is to land lizards on the log or surrounding leaves. Simply place a lizard on one end of the adjustable arm, aim, and hit the other end with the mallet to make the lizard “leap” onto the desired landing spot. Comes with a mallet and three lizards.

Roll the ball down the alley, ricochet if off the bungee cords, and land it in one of the holes on the other side. How high can you score in just three tries? Comes with three white balls.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star
Shooting Star is a game for all ages! Simply slide the pucks over the constellations and into the star-shaped holes. Can you score all three? Comes with three star pucks.

Gear Up

Gear Up
Race the clock in this fast-paced game! You must successfully fit the gears onto each gear center and crank the first one to raise the four flags. The catch: You only have 50 seconds. Comes with 10 different size gears.

Strike Zone

Strike Zone
Strike Zone is bowling with a twist! Simply slide the pucks down the alley to flip the pins! You have three chances to hit all seven! Three pucks are provided.

Monkey MayhemMonkey Mayhem
(Bean Bag Toss)
How good is your throwing arm? Test your aim with our classic bean bag toss game.

Piggy Race
Choose your random piggy and off to the races you go.   The first piggy to reach the finish line....WINS!

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A fun game with three holes with different values.   Challenge each other to see who can get the highest score!

Whip n skip

A challenging game to put the right speed on the puck to get into the highest value ring.    

Flap Attack! 

Roll the balls past the 

yellow stoppers.   Each stopper has a number.   If you roll the ball too hard it will go to the top and return to the player.

Monster Blast

Use the gun to shoot down the monsters in the spooky mansion.   Kids will love this one!

Tic Tac Toe

Your favorite classic game is back with a new twist!   Our version not only requires thought, but accuracy too.   Toss your Red or Blue Colored ball to get three in a row to beat your opponent!