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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What happens to my deposit if I cancel my reservations?

A.  Your deposit is non-refundable. We reserve the unit you requested and it is blocked off and not sold after you make your reservations. 

Q.  What form of payment will you accept?

A.  We accept cash, local checks with ID and most major credit cards. Credit cards are charged on Friday's before your party. Any returned check is subject to a $25.00 fee.

Q.   Do I need a permit if I am planning a party at a park?

A.  YES!  You do need a park permit for your party but you will also need to inform the permit offices that you will be having an inflatable from Xtreme Fun Rentals, Inc.   We have filed our insurance papers with the State of Hawaii and the City and County of Honolulu to provide our units on their parks.

Q.  Can I come to your location and view the items before I choose which one to rent?

A.  Sorry, but our units are all deflated and stored in our warehouse.  We do not set them up for display. Our website is the best source to view the different fun activities we provide.

Q.   How do I make a reservation?

A.  Call our reservations office at 621-3001.  Make sure you have the date, time and location set when you call us to book your party. We will require you to sign a contract, a release of liability form and submit a non-refundable deposit down to reserve the unit for you. The normal deposit is between $40.00 - $100.00 depending on which unit you reserve. The Big Boy Toys deposits are normally 50% of the rental price and is also non-refundable.

We communicate via the phone, email and U.S. Mail for our reservations system.  There is no need to come to our office unless you feel a need to drop off the deposit.

Q.   What if it rains?

A.  Over all we have had very little cancellations due to rain. The weather report is a good place to watch, but we have found that they are not always correct.  The mornings are normally rainy but most afternoons dry out.  Weather is so unpredictable and we cannot be held responsible for poor weather conditions.  There is more information in the "Oahu Weather" page of our web site regarding rain.   

Q.   Why can't you refund us our deposit or give us a refund if it rains?

A.  We need to pay the drivers and the cost of delivery if we come out to your party. If you cancel when they arrive we will only charge you for your deposit.  If we set up the unit you will need to pay the entire rental and take the risk that it may rain.

If it rains you are responsible to keep the blower dry and turn it off during the rain.   When a unit gets wet we end up paying employees to clean and dry the units after your party.  For this reason we cannot refund any monies due to rain during a party.  We wish we could refund you your money but a wet unit cost us more than a party that is not rained on.

Q.   How far in advance should I make my reservations?

A.  Our units are rented on first come first served basis. If you wait to make the reservation, we may be sold out or you may not be able to reserve the theme or unit that you wanted for your party. We recommend that once you know the date and location, call us to make your reservations.

Q.  Do you confirm our reservation and tell us what time you will deliver and pick up our rental unit?

A.  Yes, each Friday before your party we will confirm the delivery time and pick up on each unit. Sometimes we will need to drop off your unit early  and sometime we need to pick it up later than your contracted scheduled time. We will confirm all of the times with you. Please make sure we have a cell phone or pager number so that our drivers can contact you if they run into a problem in traffic or cannot find your party location.   We normally will arrive to set up your rental unit 30 minutes prior to your party unless we inform you of a different time when we reconfirm your reservations.

Q.  Why should we choose Xtreme Fun Rentals?

A.  We have a full time staff working to help service your needs, we have the best selection of jumpers on the island and we are reliable and work at this business on a full time basis.  Any time that you have a question, you are welcome to call.   There is no need to receive late evening return calls from a cell phone or pager call.   If you call and there is a recording during regular business hours, it just means that we are on the phone and if you leave a message we will get back to you shortly. 

All of our employees are hired employees and are paid by payroll and not on a cash basis. We do NOT use "independent contractors" to deliver our units.   If an "independent contract" gets hurt on your property while delivering a unit, it could expose you to liability for that persons injuries.  Our employees are covered under workman compensation and the injured employee must make the claim via the workman comp system. 

We are committed to bringing in new equipment and have a large inventory of party toys for your children.   We are reliable and have never cancelled a party for "double booking". 

Q.  What about electricity?  Does your unit come with a generator?

A.  All our units are come with a high powered 1 hp blower.  However, you need to provide us with the electricity.  The electrical source can be from a normal house outlet or a generator if you are at a park.  There is an extra cost for a generator.

You will need a dedicated 20 amp circuit to run our blowers which are 12 amp blowers. The blowers run constantly. You cannot attach any other electrical item to the circuit while the blower is running or you will trip the electrical power.

Generators need to be at least 3500 watt generators.  However, we do not guarantee that all 3500 watt generators or higher will carry the 12 amps need to power the blower. Cheaper or older generators cannot carry the full power to run the blowers. 

Q.  What happens if our generator is not strong enough to carry the unit?

A.  All generators are not created equally. We have seen clients show up with 1000 watt generators and swear that it will carry the load. 1000 watt generators are made for 6 amps or less. We already know that it takes at least a 3500 watt generator to carry the required electrical load.

If your generator does not carry the load you will need to rent one from a local rental company.  Our drivers are on a tight schedule and cannot assist you in obtaining a generator on the day of your party.  All generators need to be rented in advance.

Q.  Can you come out to our house to do a site inspection?

A.  Yes! There is a $80.00 fee for private site inspections. The best way to see if a unit fits in your yard is to use a tape measure and check out the space available. Our office staff can help you determine if it will fit in your area. Event site inspections are free of charge.