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Dunk Tank

The Xtreme Fun Dunk Tank holds 500 gallons of water. Your "participant" sits on the seat and the "Player" throws the ball at the target to knock down the participant. You will need a water source near the dunk tank as well as a plan of where the water will go after your event. When we pick up the dunk tank the water is released and it flows where ever the down hill grade is at. So make sure you are aware of the water flow. It is not advisable to put older or not so flexible people in the dunk tank. Max weight is 200 lbs on the dunk tank. Hand must be in lap when the ball is thrown and feet must be dangling down. Lost balls are $20 each. You may only use our balls with the dunk tank ... no hard baseballs or softballs allowed. If our target is broken or bent we will charge you for the replacement.

Dunk Tank

PRICE: $250.00

Electrical Requirements: 1 - 50 amp twist lock - call for information

Footprint: 15'x 20'+ long for the thrower

Dunk Tank Detail Dunk Tank Detail 2