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"Fun" Raising

Xtreme Fun has helped many schools, non-profit organizations and other entities raise money for their organization.   Call Delbert at 808-864-2627 for more information or email him at delbert@xtremefun.net.    

We have a proven system to help organizations earn money.   Xtreme Fun rides and inflatables are a great attraction to any school fair or community event.    The idea is to have Xtreme Fun attract kids (and parents)to your event and keep them at the event which will increase your game, food, auction and drink revenue.   We try to limit events to 4-5 hours.   We have found that is the optimum number of hours for most events and school fairs.      Call Delbert to see if your organization can qualify for our shared revenue program.   Not all schools or events will qualify.   Many first time events will not qualify for our program.   

With our fundraising opportunities the sponsoring organization may still be responsible to provide volunteer manpower, electrical power, delivery fee, advertising and ticket/wristband sales.